Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Earth Moon Beam Shop Introduction

One of a Kynd Handmade Hemp Macrame Jewelry & Accessories!

Natural Creations for all of you free spirits of the world.

Dazzling Designs to Dazzle Your Friends!

This is solely independent artist operated site. The creations you see can be customized to just about anything. Make it your own!

The philosophy behind the Pet Accessory line is to reach beyond the traditional concept of mere decoration. Using art, the pieces have opportunity to reflect something inside the individual such - as a personality, an emotion, a thought.

All creations are customized to your very own vision! Each piece is unique on its own & is never mass produced. The weaves used are called Macrame which is the art of decorative knotting.

Currently selling Custom Hemp Dog Collars,

Hemp Cat Collars, and Hemp Dog Leashes.

May also make a matching Custom Hemp Necklace, Hemp Choker, Hemp Bracelet, Hemp Anklet, Hemp Wallet Chain, or Hemp Belt.

I have a fine selection of handcrafted hemp jewelry, each beautifully designed, crafted of only the finest products, and craftsmanship.

Hemp is a great alternative, both for animals & for

the environment. This fast growing plant is naturally

inhospitable to pests & thriveswithout the use of

pesticides. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in

the world & a greater production of it would create

a healthier planet.

If you have questions or require a special order,

please feel free to contact me.

Peace, Love, & Radiant Light!

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